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Be the change you want to see in the world........

Sometimes, being a mommy doc is hard. Really hard. There are days when your heart breaks for a patient with a terminal diagnosis. And there are other days, when you feel like you are healing the world, but miss a PTA meeting or a basketball game for your kids. Making time for everything, some days, feels impossible!

So, it was both flattering and concerning the first time my daughter, at age 3, said she wanted to be a doctor like her mommy. I want her to feel free to pursue any dream she desires, and want her to continue to want to heal the world, no matter how old she gets. I love that she looks up to me, regardless of how young she is. But I also want her to see that, while my work may take me away from her (and her brother) at times, they are always my main motivation. I want them to be comfortable to dream big, but to always remember that I have tried to be there for them.

To that end, I wrote a book for my children (and especially my future doctor daughter)! I wrote it to capture this moment in time, when she wanted to be like me. I also did it to show her, years from now, that while being a busy mommy doc may be hard, it is worth it because of her (and her brother). The book is an idealistic representation of what it is like to be her mother and a doctor, all at the same time.

I hope both my children forever remember that, no matter what, I love them and am super proud of them!

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